Study Abroad

We support 15 to 25 years old students keen to study abroad in choosing their future career path. Our goal is to help them explore the opportunities open to them through the world. We want them to find the training that is best suited to them, helping them thrive and succeed.    

Study Abroad-Ethos Study Guidance 

British Council Certified Education Consultant, Operating According to British Council Code of Conduct.    

ETHOS understands your challenges 
  • Is your self-knowledge incomplete ?

Are you perhaps not fully aware of your strengths, your talents or your interests?​ Are you struggling to find the right balance between your skills, your motivation and your Dream?

  • Do you need more information on the possible choices, due to the diversity and complexity of the options on offer ?

Making decisions can turn into a real puzzle when you're considering studying in an education system other than the one you're used to. These days, many jobs are being completely revolutionised, while others do not even exist yet.


  • Have you given proper consideration to every aspect of your future pathway ?

The course's reputation and its academic level are not enough in themselves to guarantee your success. Other aspects must be considered too (such as the cultural, sociological, educational, geographic, and financial environment...).

With  ETHOS, you will save time and money by giving yourself the best possible chances of achieving your dream! 
ETHOS guides you at every stage of your plans
  • Perhaps you have no idea what to take for your higher studies? Do you feel lost, and not sure where to start ?

From high school (as early as year 11), ETHOS will help you identify your interests, guiding your A-Levels or IB subjects...Taking into account your strengths, your talents and also your difficulties and weaknesses. You will find motivation to start planning your future career pathway. 

  • Perhaps you Know what you want to study, but you are not sure which country would work best for you?

ETHOS will explain the different countries' education systems before starting to apply. If you know what the prerequisites are (tests, portfolio, skills, languages etc.) It will be easier to choose the correct route and focus your efforts in order to achieve a successful outcome. 

  • Perhaps you have reached an advanced stage in you plans, but you need to fine-tune your strategy to maximise your chances of success?

To save you unnecessary stress, ETHOS will help you prepare a range of applications based on different selection criteria according to each country. 

  • Your plans are not working out and you need to change direction?

ETHOS will help you to review your experiences and will suggest new ways forward, to give you confidence in your new plans.