Laure Martineau
Is Franco-British, a co-founder of Ethos Study Guidance, and she guided her three children in their choice of career. 
They submitted applications in various countries (Canada, France, the UK, Switzerland and the USA). The eldest chose to study in the UK (Imperial College London for a Master and a PhD), the second in Canada (University of Toronto, including a six month exchange  with the University of Queensland in Australia) and the youngest is in the United States (Northwestern University). 

« When my eldest reached the stage of choosing his career pathway in 2010, faced with the multitude of choices open to my son, I though it was a  shame that there was no way of communicating with alumni of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in  London to share the benefits of their university experiences. So I decided to create a directory listing, each year, the country, university and subject chosen by its graduates and post A-level students. In order to produce this I joined the Former Pupils Committee, expanding the network of former pupils over a five-year period. Through answering the many questions posed by parents and young people I have developed an in-depth knowledge of the different educational systems and the choices available to students.»

A medical specialist, she studied general medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at Montpellier and followed by an internship at University Paris Descartes.

She came to London in 1995 and pursued her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry,  

working for a start-up specialising in clinical research. She held the post of project manager and Senior Medical Advisor. 

Laure learned about the "Anglo-Saxon" education system through obtaining a BA (Hons) in photography at the University of Westminster.

To guide her children in their studies, she became involved in the Parents' Association of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London as a parent representative.


In order to provide young poeple with better guidance in their choices, Laure undertook training at BIOP (centre for Educational and Vocational Guidance at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in 2016 and is certified to administer the STRONG interests Inventory®.

Delphine Porta
is French, a co-founder of Ethos Study Guidance, and she guided her two eldest children in their choice of career. They submitted applications in various countries (Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, the UK and Switzerland). 
After being offered places by a number of universities, they finally decided to go to Canada where they are currently studying (McGill and University of Montreal). 

« In 2012, I joined Laure on the Committee of the former Pupils' Association of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London.


Together, we tracked each year's leavers scattered across the five continents to put the students in touch with pupils, in order to help them in their futur career choices.


My discussions with young people and their parents helped me to understand the questions that trouble them, their needs and expectations. I also found out about new training courses, some of which are less well-known." 

Delphine worked 17 years as a designer for a major footwear brands and was in charge of factories in Morocco and France, each employing 450 people. 

She learned about the "Anglo-Saxon" education system in Australia, where she lived for four years with her family while pursuing her professional career.

On coming to London in 2003, she decided to become actively involved in the world of education by joining the association of parents of pupils at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London (APL), becoming its president in 2010.

She has been a member of "Plan Ecole" since its inception in 2008; "Plan Ecole" (School Plan) brings together the major players of the French educational community (parents, teacher, politicians, Embassy personnel etc...).

To provide young people with better guidance in their choices, she is certificated to administer the STRONG interests inventory®

Richard Watson

Richard Watson is British, and is a consultant with Ethos Study Guidance, providing guidance to young people in writing their "personal statement" and preparing them for interviews with British universities.


Richard graduated in economics and geography from Queen's University Belfast and the University of Cambridge, where he obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). He has worked in primary and secondary schools. At secondary level he was for a period of 10 years responsible for careers guidance and helping pupils obtain places at universities. 

For the last 10 years he has worked as an independent consultant. Young people especially appreciate his positive and encouraging approach. In providing guidance, he is able to draw upon his very extensive network of contacts acquired during his long years of experience in the field of education. 

Sophie Levygaley

French, consultant for ETHOS study guidance, Sophie guides students in their academic art projects: foundation years, university in the United Kingdom, France and Europe. Sophie helps students to build a portfolio and prepare for competitive exams and interviews.


Graduated with honours from the Penninghen’s Met School, she worked as an brand image Designer for Yves Saint-Laurent for 10 years before moving abroad in Asia and Scandinavia and opening her workshops in 2009 in London.


Specialised in the exploration of creative processes, Sophie leads workshops at her London’s atelier and serves as a creative coach to advance artist and school art teacher.

Sophie has five years experience in guiding young artist and helping them with their portfolio. To this day, all her students have successfully enrolled in the university of school of their choice and some already work as designers or painters.


Her achievement as a painter have been recognised through successful exhibitions in Asia, France and Europe.

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