No matter what your plans are, ETHOS can offer you a range of services tailored to your needs and your situation.  
  • Global approach through exploring future career opportunities in different higher education systems.



  •  Consideration of the environmental and cultural expectations of young people, not restricted to the academic aspects, to ensure that future career plans work out successfully. 


  • Setting-up a strategy in preparing a range of applications based on different selection criteria (according to country and/or sector) to optimise the chances of a sucessful application. 


  • Establishing a time-frame for the preparation of applications, to avoid any wasted time and effort. 


  • Assistance in writing letters of motivation, CVs and personal statements.


  • Assistance in preparing for admission interviews and job interviews. 

I am lost, I don't know what subject to study.  

I want to study in the USA.

I know what I want to study, but where should I study?

Study in Europe-ETHOS Study Guidance
Destination Europe

I want to study in Europe (Belgium,Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland…).

I want to study in France.

Study Abroad-ETHOS Study Guidance

I want to start afresh with a new plan.

I want to study in the United Kingdom.

I want to study in Canada.

Study Abroad -ETHOS Study Guidance

I want to guide my child in his/her choice of career.

STRONG Interests Inventory-ETHOS Study Guidance

I want to give some thought to my subject of study (for high school pupils).